Water Wildlife

Waterwatch collects data and promotes awareness on the animals and plants listed below.

Water Bugs

Water bugs (Macro-invertebrates) are those insects that can be seen without the aid of a microscope or magnifying glass. Aquatic macro-invertebrates are those that spend all or part of their life cycles in water. Waterwatch collects data on water bugs as the diversity and amount that you find at a particular site. tells you a lot about the quality of the water as well as the surrounding habitat.


We are lucky to find Platypus throughout the ACT region. Platypus can be found in the Molonglo, Queanbeyan and Murrumbidgee Rivers - and even in Lake Burley Griffin!


Waterwatch supports the fabulous Frogwatch program to help the community to collect data on the ACT Region's frogs and use the data to better manage frogs and their habitat.

Feral Fish

Find out what feral fish live in the upper Murrumbidgee catchment and the threat they are making to the health of our waterways.

Water Plants

Want to know what plant that is in your local wetland? Find information on what plants makes a healthly riverbank or wetland.




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