Water Plants

Glovebox Guide to Water Plants of the ACT Region

How do you tell a weed water plant from a native? Many water plants show luxuriant growth, produce plenty of seed and have the ability to spread easily and may look weedy. However, WEEDS like Alligator Weed, Soapwort and Dense Waterweed are ‘plants growing successfully in the wrong place’.

Click on the guide below for your copy of a Glovebox Guide to Water Plants of the ACT Region. This has been produced with assistance from an ACT Government Environment Grant along with funding from the Southern ACT Catchment Group, ActewAGL and Waterwatch

Glovebox Guide to Water Plants

Learn How To Identify Algae In Your Waterways

"The conspicuous algae, often the main primary producers, are the forgotten players in many wet inland ecosystems. They get noticed when they appear as colourful, smelly planktonic blooms or choking, slimy rafts".

Dr Stephen Skinner, former Waterwatch coordinator, is an algae expert and put this document together to help us learn and appreciate our local pond scum which are a key indicator of waterway health.

Algae doc



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